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Love & Compassion


Black tea infused with raspberries, lychee, elderberries, lemons and for additional richness a splash dark chocolate.  Blended with love and compassion by the owner of SimpliciTeas, Cher, this fruity, tart and sweet treat is delicious hot or cold.

Grandma’s Goodness


Inspired by my Grandmother’s, these individual minty and floral blend of herbs will help your body resist the allergies, sinus issues and the common cold.

Phirst Ladies


This combination of passion fruit and black tea was inspired by my sorority sisters.  This tea is pleasantly sweet and can be enjoyed hot or cold at anytime of the day.

Julie’s Jasmine


This green tea scented with jasmine flowers is delicately flavored and semi-fermented to give it a delicious and refreshing flavor.  Inspired by my cousin Julie, its sweet floral flavored aroma is extremely enticing.