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Arnold’s Americano


The traditional favorite of generations of tea lovers. This rich and flavorful blend of the finest quality black teas is a perfect choice to accompany your morning meal. Inspired by my Godparents, this English Breakfast tea is delicious alone, or with a spot of milk, honey or sugar to start your day.

Glenna’s Earl Grey


A traditional favorite, this rich black tea, fermented to perfection has a touch of bergamot. Inspired by my Great Aunt Glenna, this fragrant combination can be served hot with or without milk or sugar/honey, excellent for any time of day.

Mattie’s Mango


Black tea and mango flavor along with elegant calendula petals gives this tea a uniquely refreshing tropical flavor. Inspired by my grandmother Mattie, it can be served hot or cold and it’s also great for Iced tea.  Fair Trade Certified 

Sissy’s Blueberry


This blend of green, white and jasmine teas flavored with blueberry was inspired by my Sissy, Terry.  This tea is can be enjoyed hot or cold at anytime of the day.

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Strawberry Kiwi & Apple


Deliciously sweet strawberries are blended with dried kiwi slices, apple, hibiscus, and rosehips to create a fruit tisane that is full bodied and refreshing.  Wonderful iced or add to your favorite lemonade for a cooling treat.  Naturally caffeine free.